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Overlapping Features of Autism, ADHD and Trauma 神经多样性与创伤的重叠症状与解释

Updated: Feb 22

In our clinical practice, we frequently encounter clients grappling with intricate challenges that extend beyond their current circumstances and are deeply rooted in their past experiences. Through close collaboration with our clients, we uncover the overlapping symptoms of neurodivergence and trauma. Many individuals with neurodivergent traits, as they navigate their inherent complexities alongside external interactions with the world, often develop mental health difficulties due to sustained exposure to distressing experiences.

Building upon the work of psychologist Anna Clarke, who explored the realms of trauma and neurodivergence, we have deepened our understanding of this intersection through our experiences working closely with clients from diverse referral concerns and backgrounds. To aid comprehension for both viewers and fellow professionals, we have developed a Chinese-language Venn Diagram illustrating how these psychological elements intersect and manifest.


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