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Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Thank you for booking your first appointment with us. We aim to make the process as smoothly as possible, as we understand all families undergo their own difficult times. We try to ensure you enjoy your experience with us as we pride ourselves for our principles of being client-centred.

Here are a few little things we thought may help you prepare for your first session:

When you attend your first appointment, please bring with you any relevant paperwork


  • Referral letters from your child’s GP, pediatrician or other specialists

  • Any Medicare paperwork relating to treatment plans (Mental Healthcare Plan or Team Care Arrangements)

  • Helping Children with Autism/ Better Start for Children with Disabilities/ NDIS

  • Paperwork as appropriate

  • Any reports from other health professionals such as previous therapists.

Referral & Rebates

A referral from your GP is not a requirement. However, if you wish to obtain a rebate under

the Medicare Benefit Scheme, you are required to obtain a Mental Healthcare Plan (MHCP)

from your GP before attending your first appointment to avoid charges. With your MHCP,

$87.45 is rebatable in sessions, excluding cognitive and achievement assessments.

Please note you cannot claim another person’s Mental Healthcare Plan or Chronic Diseases Management Plan as Medicare requires that the person must be present for their sessions.

Please speak with your GP about whether you are eligible for your own Mental Health Plan for these sessions or you can use Private Health to claim for these sessions instead.


APS National Schedule of Recommended Fees recommends 45 to 60 minute consultation fee as $251. Your therapist will clarify and confirm your consultation fee on your first visit. There is no extra charge in session that runs over time within the first 10 minutes.

Available payment options include Private Health Insurance, MasterCard/ VISA/ AMEX,

EFTPOS or Cash. Clients on Government Funding plans are required to sign paperwork at the completion of each session in lieu of payment. NDIS Self-Managed clients are required to make payment on the day of service and will be provided with a receipt on payment which is used to claim a refund through the NDIS portal.


To ensure the delivery of best practice, the following services are included in the fees stated


  • Report fees are included for Cognitive/Achievement assessments, and ASD/ADHD assessments, which are based on hourly rates in preparation for reports.

  • Emails and short phone calls to other health professionals/ teachers

  • Preparation and planning time for each session

  • Clinical notes documentation for each session

  • Medicare reporting (Mental Healthcare Plan and CDM reports back to your GP)

  • Resource development for sessions

  • Research

The following are additional services that can be offered with additional costs:

  • Funding reports

  • Formal letters to specialists/ GPs

  • Completion of carer allowance forms

  • Completion of NDIS Forms

  • Completion of NDIS Reports

  • Classroom strategies / Individualized Learning Plan

  • Teacher/ professional phone consultations/ discussions (more than 15 minutes in length)

  • All additional services and report writing are billed at an hourly rate.


The clinic address is 39 Sunhill Road, Mount Waverley VIC 3149. Parking is available on the

streets around the building. The Mount Waverley train station is the closest train station, and

buses are available.


Please note that full fees may be charged if less than 24 hours notice of non-attendance is

given. Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment.

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