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Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation with less than 48 hours of notice will incur a cancellation fee of 100% the consultation fee.

  • Rescheduling needs to occur 48 hours ahead otherwise the cancellation fee still applies.

  • No shows or same day cancellations will incur a charge of 100% of the consultation fee.

  • You must cancel or reschedule before 5 pm on a Friday for a Monday appointment, or by 5 pm on the last working day before a public holiday if your appointment is scheduled for the first working day after the public holiday.

  • You consent for the clinic to deduct the Cancellation Fee from the credit card you have provided when registering with the service.

  • Cancellation Fees cannot be paid towards future appointments and are not claimable with all insurers except NDIS.

Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment. Late attendance will shorten your consultation time or incur extra charges. All appointment charges are based on the initial rates quoted. If your appointment is extended (> 10 minutes), the session fee will increase in accordance to the hourly rate.

Why do we have a cancellation policy?

  • Cancellation fees apply in health practices as late cancellations create a financial loss for the business.

  • When an appointment is made, a time slot is reserved and blocked out with a clinician for the client. The clinician also has to block out time to prepare for the session.

  • There are only very limited appointments available, particularly in afterschool hours or on Saturdays. 

  • It is unfair to other clients who are waiting on the waiting list and can take up the slots if prior notice was given.

  • There are substantial overhead costs associated with providing the services. The clinician has to be paid for, regardless of the attendance of the client.

  • We might waive cancellation fees for clients, but this is at the discretion of the clinic director.​

What are the circumstances a Cancellation Fee will be charged?

  • Where your appointment clashed with another commitment 

  • A meeting called at work or any changes to work rosters or travel requirements

  • A school, sports or extracurricular event

  • A family activity or holiday

  • Changes to the availability of a babysitter or child care service​

  • Where it was difficult for you to attend your appointment  

  • Where you can no longer afford the cost of the appointment

  • Simply have forgotten the appointment

  • Fallen sick but want to wait and see if the symptoms will improve on the day of the appointment​

Are there any exceptions?

  • Yes – If your psychologist is able to offer a suitable alternative time within the same calendar week AND you reschedule and attend the rescheduled appointment. Hence why we need early notice to allow time for rescheduling to happen.

  • We understand that illnesses and family emergencies sometimes occur without warning.

  • A medical certificate may at our discretion be required to waive the cancellation fee.

  • Although we accept that such events may be beyond your control, we still require that you take responsibility for these types of circumstances.

Paying Cancellation Fees

  • If a cancellation fee is charged under this policy and you do not pay the fee promptly we will be unable to continue providing you with the service.

  • We also reserve the right to take any further reasonable action necessary to recover any unpaid fees and to bill you for any reasonable additional costs incurred in taking such action.

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